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May 1960, Volume 3 No. 1

The Montreal Jazz society celebrated its second anniversary during April.We offer them our congratulations and hope that their activities will flourish and prosper, for the struggle to keep jazz going in Montreal has been tough.It seems very strange that a city with so many clubs did not have one devoted to jazz until the Veux (sic) Moulin went onto a jazz policy.It has largely been due to the efforts of John Cordell and the musicians who have played at the various sessions of the Montreal Jazz Society that there is modern jazz activity in Montreal.It is through the continuance of such organizations that jazz stands a chance to prosper for, if the promoters are interested in the music there is, at least, a fighting chance.We take this opportunity, therefore, to salute the many enthusiasts who work behind the scenes, often without any thanks from fans or musicians, to keep jazz going in one form or another.Without them the jazz scene in Canada would be pretty barren.

Last month’s drawing was by Jules Bellemare of Ottawa and this month’s is by Shirley Berry of Toronto.