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April 1960, Volume 2 No. 12

The Civil Rights Question in the Southern States of the U.S.A. is, at the present time, receiving a wide amount of publicity – some of it making sense but most of it carefully veiled evasiveness.There are many people who appear to be justly indignant at the disgraceful state of affairs in the far removed South.But there is just as much prejudice and segregation practiced elsewhere – its just not so open.Work is almost unobtainable by the Negro musician in studio orchestras although this has eased a little in some places.In Toronto there is a subtle undercurrent of the same sickness.

Prejudice of any kind is deplorable anywhere, anytime.Prejudice, jim crow and crow jim is practiced everywhere, but at least jazz breeds tolerance.Already jazz has shown the way for less enlightened people in many places – in acts NOT just in words.There is still much to be done.


Pam Bavin, part founder of CODA and Assistant Editor since its inception, will be in England from the beginning of April and will be visiting various European countries during the coming months.From time to time reports will be sent in of her progress through Europe and the jazz activity that she comes across.We wish her safe and interesting traveling.

Cover drawing by Jules Bellemare