Reach Your Target Market with CODA

CODA is published six times per year in January, March, May, July, September and November. An advertisement in CODA stays visible for 2 months.

CODA is distributed to subscribers (individuals and institutions) in six continents and to newsstands across Canada.

CODA readers are affluent, highly educated professionals, and they are proven loyal consumers - over 50% have been subscribers for at least 15 years and 20% have been subscribers for over 30 years!

Doctors, academics, writers, musicians, business owners and executives comprise the core readership of CODA.

For details on how you can get your marketing message to CODA readers, please contact:

Mark Barnes , Publisher
CODA Magazine
1 First Canadian Place, P.O. Box 375
Toronto, Ontario M5X 1C1

Telephone: 888-97JAZZZ (888-975-2999) ext 2