Respected and anticipated by musicians, academics, jazz sophisticates and neophytes alike, each issue of CODA Magazine offers a truly unique perspective on the world of jazz. With subscribers in 6 of the 7 continents (we’re working on Antarctica!), CODA provides coverage of all styles of jazz, with particular emphasis on the individuals who best exhibit the creative and interpretive spirit that has been the hallmark of the music since its early days.

Founded in Toronto in May 1958, CODA is one of the longest continuously running music magazines in Canada, and certainly, the oldest Jazz magazine in the country.

In April 1962, CODA founder John Norris penned the “Statement of Policy”, which outlined, among other things, the editorial mission of CODA:

“We will endeavour to comment, report and inform without fear and favour and always try to get to the truth of the matter”

This explains the enduring appeal of CODA. CODA is written with the individual, not the masses, in mind. We consider our readers to be unique individuals for which jazz is an essential part of their lives. Their individual tastes and interests within the genre may differ, but they share a common bond in desiring to learn, understand, and experience jazz.

Jazz is a continuously evolving, universal music form. The complementary and, at times, contrasting contributions that each era, style, jurisdiction, musician and personality has made to jazz explains why a commonly accepted, “sound bite” definition of jazz does not, and may never exist.

As CODA approaches its 50th anniversary it will continue to focus on providing its readers with current news and information, uniquely interpretive feature stories, thought-provoking commentary and comprehensive reviews. We consider CODA to be a resource to be mined by our readers to fuel their ever-expanding appetites for this wonderfully innovative music called jazz.

CODA is published six times per year in January, March, May, July, September and November.